Rub a Dub-Dub

 I never quite realize just how good massage is until I get one myself and it definitely helps out the stress, the aches, pains, and worries. Call me crazy, but I love talking during a massage, I’ve loved to talk to my massage therapist since I first started getting massages. That’s why when I have a talkative clients, I don’t really mind. I also understand my new Mom’s, and the 99.9% of my clients who enjoy peace and quiet during a massage so I won’t talk unless they talk, and I will lapse into a silence unless they keep on breaking it.

I’m feeling sicker though today, go figure. I have more of a cough, and I just had this constant headache that didn’t go away. I need to be 100% by tomorrow because I have a client of mine who is coming in at the end of my day and she is a lot of work to massage. I have to be physically on top of my game to give her all the stuff she wants and all the pressure she demands from me too.

This was a nice, lazy, easy day off. I walked around after I got my massage just window shopping, and got myself a free panty from Victoria Secret, which is the best price for a panty. I didn’t spend any money except for dinner for me and the man and for my massage, but that was about it. I can window shop for hours and not spend a cent, I’ve perfected the art of being a cheap shopper who spends absolutely nothing. If a sales associate approaches me I generally bare my fangs with a growl when they ask me what I’m looking for and I say, “I’m just looking.” I tend to watch if someone is watching me when I enter a store and I’ll never stop at one particular item if I’m being watched because I don’t want them to approach me.

I could save so much more money if I didn’t have to buy food. My savings would be even more than what I have now, I’m just salivating at the mere thought of it. I write down in my notepad in my lap top a list of every single item, to just $1, of how much I spend, in both cash, and my debit card. And every month it’s mainly just food and groceries I spend my money on. And, for this month it’s also gifts.

I feel like I haven’t seen my brother in forever, talking about gifts, which is mainly my brother and the man I’m spending money on. He is currently twitterpated, as my mom would say, over a foreign exchange student from Germany that he spent the weekend with and then she returned back to Germany. My poor brother’s biological man clock is ticking and I’m sure it doesn’t help that I’m younger than him and have found the person I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. He wants to start a family and get married, but I just don’t feel good at all about the German chick. His pick in women is… horrid, to say the least. They use him, abuse him, and toss him away like a used tissue. And my brother deserves so much better and for someone to just love him as much as he tends to fall in love with them. He treats his girlfriends extremely well, which surprises me when I found this out, because all I know of my brother is that when I was younger he liked to drown me in the deep end of pools.

I want so much for him to be happy, and so much for him to find someone who loves him and is good to him. I talked to him about the Thanksgiving dilemma and now my mother is back on the Thanksgiving kick and I want to stay away. I’m pretty sure I just want me and the man to have it alone. I’m stressing over that and just hoping me and my mom don’t fight about it any more.

And, I will become an Oscar winning actress and will not tell my brother my true thoughts of his head over heels craziness. I will tell him I’m happy for him, because I am happy if he’s happy, and pray his heart doesn’t get broken again. He says I move too fast in relationships, I totally don’t want to hear it. He called up my Mom and asked her where the ring was that she’s going to give him if he wants to get engaged with someone. After not even a week of being with this person? I think he was screwing like a bunny and that has muddled up his brain, sex can do that. But, of course, I must support him or else then he’ll never speak to me again, or he’ll just be really pissed at me.

Must. bite. tongue.

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  1. Oh, I would love to get a massage! I would deserve it, too! I don’t like talking while getting massaged. Though, sometimes it gives me thoughts that i don’t normally get…

    Maybe you should be an accountant, because you’re so accurate with money and spending 😀 I did some window shopping today, too. It’s relaxing 🙂

    Long-distance relationships aren’t that bad always. What if that girl is someone meant for your brother? You never know 🙂


    • I bet you deserve getting a massage! A lot of people do not like talking during a massage, which I don’t mind, but I don’t mind talking either. My massages are the shit! I am pretty damn cocky about myself.

      Looking into being an accountant is an idea for me as another career choice. I know eventually this job is going to work me into the ground physically. I am damn accurate with money and spending! And I did some window shopping today too, was very relaxing and nice for sure.

      I don’t know, my brother just doesn’t pick the right girls. They use him and abuse him and throw him away like an old tissue. I hope this isn’t true, but history doesn’t spell well for him. 😦


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