All up in my business

When people seem to know a little about your person life they seem to run with it. Thus, how I work with my work, and how I refuse to tell anyone about anything. I kept my relationship with the man from my work for at least 5 months or so, and even then people still didn’t know for a while afterwards. But, lately, especially since it’s going to be a year since me and the man have been together, co-workers are asking me some questions I’d rather have them leave me alone about:

Are you going to move in with him?

You really should, have you already moved in? Has he asked you to move in?

Are you going to marry him? When do you think you might get married? Do you want to get married?

Really? Seriously? I’m just trying to deal with the question of where I’m going to end up for Thanksgiving. And what I’m planning to do for it, and if me and the man should just do it alone or if I should invite my Mom but then if I invite her I’ll have to have my father come with too and maybe I just am not up to doing that. And thus, some of the girls are coming at me with these questions and I seriously just want to look at them and be like, “Stop getting all up in my business.”

I know I will move in fully with the man, but the guilt of leaving my mother alone is a little too much. She definitely piles it on if I leave her earlier in the week to be with him, “why are you leaving me all alone? I have nothing to live for, ect, ect.” And, well, I worry about her, constantly, especially when I’m away from her and she’s alone with him. I don’t plan to get married for at least 2 years or so, probably get engaged sooner, but I can’t do the marriage thing right away.

I just like to be left alone. Managers that I work with have learned not to ask me personal questions because I probably won’t answer them. Co-workers it tends to not be so easy, because I’m pretty likable to all the girls and they are interested to know what’s going on besides my work life, or at least, I guess this is the reason. I don’t want to completely shutdown and basically tell people to screw off when they ask me questions, but sometimes my eye twitches and really want to ask them not to get up in my business. They do not want to know, and going to work, as weird as it sounds, is my sanctuary. I can avoid what’s happening in the home life and find a way to just bury myself in my career and what I do.

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  1. Some people don’t know where the line is. I kinda am guilty for this cause I can’t handle being next to someone is silence. And most people wanna talk about themselves so I ask them questions about their lives.
    I will do better next time.

    • I think that with certain people they just can’t NOT talk about the details of their life, every single little thing, and lots of my girls at work are like this. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to ask questions, and if I really just don’t want to get into something I tell them I’d rather not discuss it and they generally tend to back off. Learning where that line is not to cross it is tough, and different people definitely have different lines or some just have none at all.

  2. Well, I think many people ask questions to show that they care for you and they’re interested in your life, because they want to know how you’re doing 🙂 But I know, that it can be very awkward. Mostly I like to be left alone, too. It’s very hard to me to talk about my life and my feelings.

    Your mom should not make you feel guilty 😦


    • I know the asking is definitely cause my people at work care. I know I care for the girls too, but people asking me questions puts me on edge and I hate prying. I don’t like people knowing about my feelings or especially if I’m sick or not feeling very well. I just like to fake it til I make it pretty much.
      I know, my Mom is a frickin’ boob. She LOVES making me feel guilty, it is her main arsenol she has against me. She’s making me feel guilty to spend Thanksgiving with the family… so I will. She wins every time.


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