Oh no, it’s Friday!

Everyone else I know looks forward to Friday, me personally I just haven’t. Since I’ve gotten a job I have always worked Friday-Saturday. Why? Because my mom is a weekender and has always worked those days. And I never wanted to be alone with my Dad, without her, so I’d work it. And, of course, this Friday I feel like locking myself away cause’ I got sick from the man, and that monthly visitor is visiting me and kicking me in my stomach and the cramps are some of the worst I’ve had.

The man is blaming someone else for getting me sick. I know it was him, only the people I live with, like him, and my Mom, tend to get me sick. I need to be around them 24/7 to have that sick virus penetrate my defenses and contaminate me. I can’t tell you how many sick people I deal with at work, seems like the girls are always dying of some kind of common cold and my clients perpetually seem to be coughing/sniffling but I only catch something if my mom or the man is sick. And, BINGO, here I am with a bit of a sore throat bugging me and the cramps from hell.

I really don’t feel like working. This is an unusual thing for me to say, so much so that I’d say someone had kidnapped my lap top and started typing but nope, it’s me. It might get better once I go to work, I tend to become so stressed out at work I don’t really pay attention to the pain I’m in, how thirsty I am, hungry, ect. I’m hoping it calms down some and I’m able to just tough it out like I normally do.

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  1. Hope you get better bud.

    • Thank ya, bud, I’m stocking up on tons of nyquil and dayquil to try to fight it off. I don’t have time to be sick!

  2. Oh no, I hope you’ll start feeling better soon! Being sick sucks ;-/

    I used to hate Fridays when I was still a student and living alone. Lonely weekends were so long, if you had no plans :-/


    • Thank ya, I should beat the cold pretty soon, I’m good about getting over them fast.

      I never like the weekend because I never have anything to do, and I just don’t have any plans. I’m just too tired to make any and like just taking it easy and resting up after work.


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