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So, I’ve been gone for awhile, it’s been vacation time plus recoup time and now I’m back. The vacation was a lot of fun, even though I was forced to fly stand by. And, as thus, I had to wake up at times in the morning that are reserved for sleeping, or so I thought. I was dragged around into the car before the sun had even woken up, and the darkness made me feel even less like being awake.

He did little stuff on the vacation that I enjoy, like window shopping at boutique stores. I did stuff he wanted to do, like history stuff that I wasn’t too crazy about it (I’d rather see more stores) but I did because he found cute little shops which were home-grown and took me to several towns that I didn’t even know he knew that I liked. We did ghost tours about every night, and the wedding was absolutely beautiful.

I didn’t show any cleavage. (I know, you’re all booing)

I did show enough during the trip to make up for not showing it at the wedding. (yay)

And, there were 1 or 2 women at the wedding who had enough cleavage that I felt like I was drowning in it every time I stole a glance at them. Wow. I made up for just wearing my little black dress with a little leg shown off by drinking about 8 or so glasses of white wine. It was open bar, and I didn’t have to pay for it, win, win. I did have to wake up a 1:30am to drive 3 hours to the airport though and that was not so win, so after my eighth glass or so which was just at the beginning of the wedding I cut down when we were getting served food and put on the brakes.

Thus, I didn’t get drunk, thank god, because I felt drunk enough off of lack of sleep.

I picked up Tues. permanently, so now my hours altogether are 32 hours. I know, I’m an idiot, but Tues. is a better day then most of them and I THINK I shouldn’t die from the slight jump of hours I took on. I like money, and this will definitely save me if I get sent home 1 or 2 days and so it shouldn’t hurt me as much as if I’d just be 3 days and just 24 hours like when I first started working there.

Baby’s gotta bring home the bacon, right?

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  1. marinasleeps

     /  September 30, 2010

    Glad your back. Too bad on not letting the “girls” hang out.

    • Like I said, there was these two women who were pratically popping out of their tops. I would have been upstaged by them, so I stayed conservative. 😉

  2. Oh, sounds like nice trip 🙂 You can always sleep home, right?

    What are Ghost tours?

    No cleavage? BOOOOO 😀 That´s so NOT the spirit!

    8 glasses of vine. Not bad, but I personally would have drunk more 🙂 I guess I´m greedy since I have never been in a party with an open bar.


    • That’s what ended up happening, I just slept a lot on Sunday and was awake enough to work on Monday.

      Ghost tours are these haunted houses that had something happen and that have spirits or ghosts supposedly in the house, ect. You don’t go in the house, but they tell you about the stories behind it and why it’s haunted. I’ve loved doing them since I was a kid.

      I made up for it, don’t you worry, girly! It was 98 degrees like every day. I had on some nice little cleavage revealing tank tops every day.

      It was definitely a very expensive wedding, and I would have done more but I had to wake up at 1:30am to make the drive to the airport, so I didn’t want to be sick on the freeway, so I thought I’d take it easy and cut myself off. 😀

      • Oh I see!

        The Ghost tours sound great! I would definitely take one, and then I would be scared after that for weeks! Too bad you’re not allowed to go into the houses.

        Okay, good, they saw some of your cleavage out there 🙂 Phiufff!

        Yes, it’s smart not to drink if you need to be sharp in the next day, I understand that 🙂


  3. meganwhitney

     /  October 4, 2010

    Man, if I had any sort of cleavage you better believe I’d be showin’ it off all the time. Ahh well, I was blessed with the chest of a twelve year old. Perhaps by the time I get married they’ll grow a little more..? Here’s to hoping!

    • My cleavage is amazing! I’m just a tad bit conceited when it comes to my chest area, and I do tend to show it off ALL the time when I’m outside of work. At work I wear this black trashbag like uniform that doesn’t show off anything and my whole getup is black.

      Well, the downside to a chest is that guys look at that instead of your eyes and that annoys me. It definitely grows or doesn’t depending on weight and I’ve known people who have gotten more of a chest later on in their life. So, it definitely can happen! 😉


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