How am I gonna work?

I’m in pain, whenever I move with my legs I’m basically close to whimpering. This is what I get for running like a maniac with our game. We had this game we did with my work, a softball game, and it turns out I’m not too bad at playing softball.

Go figure.

I’ve never played softball a day in my life. I’ve never hit a softball or anything like that ever in my life. I thought I’d just suck in ways you wouldn’t believe. But, the first ball that was tossed to me I hit. And the second, the third, the fourth, every ball I hit and not only did I hit that ball…

I murdered it. I murdered the ball and made it to first base every time. AND, I even made it home too. I had so much fun playing with the girls, it was one side against the other, and I was proud of the girls playing, of me playing, and it was a great time. One of the girls I worked with made an awesome catch and hit that ball pretty damn well too. I really thought I’d get hurt with this softball game, and was afraid I’d kill my arms, but it turned out to be a hoot. But, I ended up killing my poor legs from running as hard as I did, so I’m icing that now.

And praying it gets better by tomorrow because I have to work, but I got a feeling I’m gonna be more sore by tomorrow.

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  1. Seems like you have a secret talent 😉

    My legs are sore from Zumba :-/


    • Crazy, right? I like coming across secret talents! 😀

      Ohh, my clients just LOVE Zumba, I don’t think I could handle it, too much exercise, it was bad enough running from base to base. I like getting my exercise from shopping. 😉

      • Isn´t that great! Learning, that you are good at this and this thing, too 😀

        Zumba is pretty intense. I sweat like a horse. Getting exercise by shopping is fabulous, but it´s quite an elite-sport, you know… May get expensive 😉

      • See, now, I should have told you the type of shopping I do, I actually do a sort of window shopping with me and my Mom. We can shop for hours and not spend a dime, because we just browse, look around, and move on. 😉

        I do think I may try out the Zumba, but I’ll be sure to get a little courage drink beforehand though.

  2. I do window shopping a lot too 🙂 It´s relaxing. And no guilty conscience after, because I spent zero Euros 😉

    Better have a sport drink for courage, because drunken Zumba might be lethal :-0

  3. Somebody has ESPN top ten play potential.


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