Maybe not so stupid

I was weighing the options of picking up tomorrow to work, since I worked Mon., Wed., Thurs, Fri, Sat. last week and I was wondering if I wanted another repeat. I was weighing the $ (mmm, money) vs. me just getting burnt out. Today wasn’t even a busy day, it was the opposite, it was incredibly boring. I didn’t have laundry to do, or projects, or anything else. So, I certainly didn’t physically burn myself out, I was just incredibly burnt out with being bored and wasting hour after hour.

So, I decided not to whore myself out for money. I’ll do it next week with picking up Thurs. with working Tues.

I’ll sell my body for money another week with picking up hours. The man and I are going on a trip very soon and I took off Friday and Saturday off near the end of the month so I thought I’d catch up the hours I took off. I’m really excited for him and I to be taking a trip. We’re going for a week long vacation and I’m going to a wedding of one of his cousin’s, and I don’t know quite what to do for a wedding.

What do I wear? What do I do? How do I act? I must put a napkin in my lap the entire time when I eat, right? How much wedding cake can I eat? (A lot, I hope.) How much cleavage can I show? (A lot, I hope). I’ve only been to 1 wedding in my entire life, and I don’t know much about them. The one wedding I went to was super small with only 20 or so people, so I don’t think it was a traditional huge wedding. Do I have to style my hair a certain way? I sure hope not, because I don’t exactly know how to style my hair.

I kinda want to wear a dress because I never wear dresses, but then I don’t feel very comfortable in dresses. I could wear a dress shirt and some grey pants, but that makes me feel more like I’m going to an interview than a wedding.

I know I’m over thinking it, but I over think everything in my life. Even when I was done after work I was weighing options of picking up tomorrow and not, I love money, I don’t love burning myself out at both ends. If I could not over think my life I think that things would be super simpler.

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  1. marinasleeps

     /  September 9, 2010

    Hey show the cleavage is what I say. The wedding day is not just for the groom and bride for all the singles out there. And even if you aren’t single, you can make others wish you were!

  2. As a man I shall cosign the cleavage statement.

  3. Just don´t wear white in the wedding 😉


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