Nobody’s Perfect

So, me and the man were talking on the phone and I came to this shocking, startling realization. I was talking about how she wanted to do something, and I wouldn’t let her, and so we had a fight and stopped talking for 20 minutes. And, how if my mom doesn’t have her way she huffs, pouts, and tries to get you to do what she wants. I was saying how I don’t do stuff like that, but the man said I was more like my mom than I realized.

I do know that, but I’d rather have her good qualities than her hissy fit qualities.

And he talked about a time where I didn’t want to drive and I told him that I didn’t want to do it. I was tired, I really wanted to change my clothes, I had a crazy day at work and I was super tired, and I basically wanted to go back to the place and just pass out. I ended up driving him to where he needed to go to pick up the car, but I was super stressed out doing it and not happy.

I hate driving my car, it’s just a thing that I’d much rather not drive if I can and I go for short trips. I don’t like having things moved around, I like them to be in a certain way and he loves to change a room around pretty consistently… which drives me crazy. There are things that are just a part of who I am, my quirks, my little imperfections. I hate trusting people, I like to keep track of my money down to the penny, I like long stretches of time where I’m left alone on my lap top and I just can play around on the web. I like to have water bottles sit out after they’ve been in the frig so they aren’t as cold when I drink them.

But, I began to think to myself, can he stand these weird quirks about me? So, I got quiet on the phone, and ended up lapsing into a silence. Which, I’m sure he’s learned is when I’m thinking about things. The man is incredibly honest, which is one of his best qualities, and can sometimes be tough to swallow. I like to think I’m perfection, I hold myself to higher standards now than I ever did before. Like he said, I’d be pretty boring to be with if I was completely perfect. And he certainly isn’t perfect either, no one is.

You gotta take someone with their imperfections, and their good qualities too. When does a quirk become too much? Can you really change a quirk that is part of you if it annoys your partner to no end? I won’t do anything if it’s not my idea, I’m stubborn like that, like a bull-head. Yet, I don’t mind going with the flow with someone, doing something that was their idea unless if I really don’t want to do it. I’m a handful and a half and can be quite a wild person.

I don’t know how, but he caught me, the wild one who wanted nothing to do with a relationship. You definitely have to make it work with a relationship, and I don’t think you ever stop learning about that person you’re with.

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  1. The mother, the daughter 😉

    Imperfections are those things that spice up the perfections!

    Don´t worry too much 🙂


    • I love the little imperfections and quirks of people you find out about when you’re with people, or when you spend a lot of time. Everyone is so different from everyone else and some have such interesting little quirks that I love to tease them about.

      I know, I’m a worry wart, what can I say? The man’s a worry wart too, so we’re quite a pair.


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