I have an app for that

Go figure all of the ‘apps’ that people have, and I get to see/hear them all since all of the girls at work have one of those fancy smartphones. So, the girls were talking about sex and how they all haven’t gotten any for quite a while. (Don’t ask me where this came from, sex will come out of left field in that break room) and I was talking about how each time I have it, I put it in my date book. I mark it as a little star inside of a box, and it has to be a blue pen. Well, one of the girls said how she had an app for that, when she had sex, is ovulating, and when that time of the month should fall.

I wish I had an app to end this day, but unfortunately, there was no app for that.

I got a talking to by one of the managers at the end of my day, I was the only one left working there… over my shift.

I had a guy ‘challenge me’ to hurt him. To make him cry. He wouldn’t stop his little tough guy act, the first thing he asked me was if I was strong, and that I didn’t look strong, and he doubted I’d be able to deliver the pressure.

I shouldn’t have let him piss me off. I should have remembered Boundaries 101 from school that you just don’t let people step on your toes and to just readjust your boundaries and not let it poke your bubble. But, he poked my bubble. And so, talking to myself, I said as I was grabbing product, “Why would someone piss me off before I’m supposed to massage them?” Of course, everyone is up at the front, gives me a shocked/ohmygod look, plus the manager, and I secretly want to shoot myself in the foot.

Lunch gets moved down, replaced with chair massage. #2, I manage to stuff my face with two pieces of pizzas within 3 min. as I’m waiting for Mr. Machismo.

I don’t get to sit down and eat until 4 pm, #3.

I get added another guy massage at the end of my day, I’m pretty much exhausted mentally and physically from Mr. Machismo and another guy I’ve seen before who takes a lot of pressure and plus I was slammed non-stop. All day. #4.

Manager sits me down to have a talk, #5 thing to just add to the list of ohmygodmakethisdayend.

Good things were (because I always try to weigh the bad with the good, even on a day like today) was that everyone was helping me with flipping my room and everything. I got no problem with my co-workers, I just never really saw them since I was so busy and when I did see them they were helping me clean up without me asking, which is awesome. I had some really nice clients, actually all of them were except for Mr. Machismo, who just rubbed me wrong.

Manager asks me what’s wrong. I tell her that I’m exhausted. She says besides that, you’ve been off for the past few days (which isn’t true, I think I’ve been rather chipper, this day was just physically/mentally exhausting). I tell her that there is nothing wrong with me and work, it’s basically home related, and I refuse to discuss it with anyone. She says that’s fine, but I’ve been bringing down the team with my attitude today (whatever) and I basically tell her that I’m human. Because I am, and the one day I crack, she’s around to see it, then slap me on my wrist for it when it wasn’t even that bad. How can I affect the team when I don’t even see them all day cause’ I’m holed up in my room?

I, personally, am letting it go. I am writing this post with the intention of letting it go. I love my work, and I love what I do, but today was back-to-back-to-back and with the 3 guys I had my muscles were worked more than they normally were. I’m surprised I had the energy to stand, let alone, walk, and talk, and I just didn’t have the energy to goof off like I usually do.

The man stated it the best with what the manager was pussy footing around with her talk, “You’re normally sunshine and daisies, I don’t like what you are today. Bring back that sunshine.” Of course, I paraphrased it but that got me to laugh. I’ll be sure to blind her and everyone else with the light on Labor Day when I go back.

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  1. I don´t have one of those “smart”phones. I think they are unnecessary time-vampires 😛 And I don´t want to keep book on me having having sex; that´s far too rarely to get reminded 😀

    You have a tough work, Sarah! I couldn´t make it even for a week!!!

    Big hug!

    • I totally agree, Maria, they are unnecessary time-vampires! I hardly ever see people look up from them and I’m grown to really dislike them especially since some clients seem to think it’s okay to bring them into the room and answer emails as I’m talking to them.

      It definitely is tough, let alone dealing with a bad client that day, I get to have a talking to about having a rough day. I wanted to tell them you should be happy I don’t complain and just let me go home because I just want to drown myself in my bath tub for awhile. Thanks for the big hug, I need some this week.


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