Sex it up

So, I was just in bed, minding my own business, when I noticed he was grabbing his ties from the closet. He had just gotten out of the shower too, so I knew what was coming. When I first saw him do this I was at a loss to what was up, now I know better.

“You getting ready for work?”


“You gonna tie yourself up?”


He came at me with a distinct, cheery, ‘I’m gonna get ya’ mood and a certain tune that he was humming. I knew my plan of escape was pretty futile, and then I’d probably get into more trouble. He finds this fun to just get me stuck and then do whatever he wants. These smiles will appear on his face, this happy grin of, ‘ha, ha, you can’t get away’ when he does something I’d normally just whack at him and have a chance to get out of it.

Not a chance this time. The man had a plan and I couldn’t get out of it… and I didn’t mind too much about it. What with work, the argument I had which is still simmering, the stress of my family, all that, it’s nice to come home to him and be taken care of in that way. He was trying to get me to crack, I thought I was too stubborn for it, but eventually I did.

Now, it’s the next day, I’m too exhausted to move from massaging and he went to sleep early. What a pair we are.

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  1. That´s hot 😉



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