She was all up in my nutsack

Mom: “I’m dying of thirst.”

Me: “I’m trying to get his attention.”

Mom: “Just show him your boobs and we’ll get some water.”

Unfortunately, no one was interested in my magnificent chest enough to stop by long enough for me to ask for water… until the end of our meal and I was literally waving my hand in the air and uttering, “excuse me” under my breath. Good news was the food was good, bad news the service of this place always sucks and not even cleavage could get them to come over to check on us.

Oh, and another recent hilarious thing my brother told me just recently, randomly, without warning:

Brother: “She was all up in my nutsack.”

It’s hard to leave me speechless, but that pretty much did it right there.

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  1. Hah!

    I don´t have any authority over waiters or waitresses either 😛 They just love ignoring me!

    Everything about nuts is hilarious 😉


    • I’m normally much better at attractinng attention to me and getting better service. Me and my Mom have been having a tough time of it lately though!

      I agree, even the word, nuts, can get me to chuckle. I just couldn’t believe my brother would tell me that, I looked at him with this look of, ‘did that really just come out of your mouth?’


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