Life in the fast lane

I’m a slow paced person who doesn’t mind when things get fast paced. Sometimes I just think that I’m a contradiction. People always think, outside of my field, that my job/career is extremely relaxing. That’s not exactly true, clients are late, other clients come on time, my lunch may disappear then reappear, and see people from all walks of life. The reasons for seeing me, for getting a massage, can be incredibly sad and even heartbreaking.

One poor lady was using the gift card for her mother. The gift card was bought almost two years ago, and her mother’s health declined and she was in the nursing home and could barely remember her own daughter. She felt incredibly guilty using her mother’s gift card, but unfortunately her mom couldn’t use it. Another client just had a baby, hadn’t cried since she had the baby and she was super stressed out with never breaking down since her child was born but visibly she was burnt out. The people who may be a bit snappy at me (which is actually pretty rare) I take with a grain of salt because I’m sure they’re going through a lot even if they don’t say it.

I’ve met women who were pregnant and now their babies are a year old, which definitely surprises me every time. I keep on thinking at oldest the baby would be 6 months, but no, it’s been an entire year. Somehow my mind can’t wrap around that it’s been that long.

The lane is about to get faster. Saturday is going to be ridiculous, I have to drive to work, drive to someplace else, then I have to drive back. I am not looking forward to it, especially since with the traffic I’m probably going to be late driving back and it’s all their idea. I’ve been asked to pick up hours because one of the therapists quit and now they have all these hours that need to be covered.

I don’t know what to tell them.

I’m a whore for money.

But, I can’t be THAT much of a whore for money, because ever since I got my lower back strain, and luckily healed from it, I am more than aware that extra hours = a possibility of injury and it’s inevitable I’m going to be pain. I’m definitely not permanently picking anything up, because I know it’s not for me. And I don’t need the extra money, I’m fine with money and I haven’t been sent home, which is actually rare not to get sent home at least once every week.

I don’t know what to tell them tomorrow, I’m really apprehensive about it. But, I’m trying not to think about it too much, easier said than done. I know that if I give them an inch they’re going to take a mile, and I don’t want to give them a mile.

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  1. Being stressed is the worst. I work in emergency services for travel and it can get pretty hairy. It kills me when people get stranded from their families and there is nothing I can do. What it takes to earn a living huh?

    • Wow, your job sounds super stressful! I couldn’t imagine how people would freak out, especially when they’re stranded or separated from their families. Very true, what we do to make a living and make some money, and what it takes to earn a living can be quite something.


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