Stalker’s Paradise

My Mom knows everything about me, inside and outside, every little bit and piece of who I am. It’s amazing how moms can understand you so well, yet they can get on your nerves like only a mother can. When I first started writing in a diary I was five years old, I held journals throughout my life and am so attracted to a pretty journal that I have to fight myself to not buy it. Making websites became a hobby that I didn’t even know I’d be good at. This is when I first started ‘blogging’ behind her back and, of course, she came across my websites eventually, but not all of them. My skills at HTML, ImageMaps, DIV layers, ect. was something else for someone who had never touched a lap top in her entire life. I started with them when I was about 13 or so, and learned how to use HTML and other forms just by researching it on the internet.

Then she followed me on a writing website that I secretly joined, yet again, and started writing in an online journal in that and posting my writing from poems, to short stories, to novels. She came across my writing and I changed the settings of the way of displaying my work so she wouldn’t come across it, and had a talk with her when I was 14 or so to not to spy on me.

That didn’t do anything, now she’s spying on Facebook. She stalks people like you wouldn’t believe, that’s the whole point of being a part of it for her.

I don’t have a Facebook, I’m not too interested in it. I’ve never been one to keep in contact with people, especially outside of work, especially personally I just step into someone’s life and step out. My mother might eventually come across this blog, but I think it’s pretty safe. I kept this anonymous because I wanted to have something like I’ve always had in my life… a place I could go to to write about what’s been going on. My Mom spies on other people now since I’m too boring and she knows all that is going on with me, and as I’ve gotten older the appeal of spying on me has lost its allure.

She instead tries to stalk my brother, but luckily my brother is smart enough not to have an active Facebook account. He has an inactive one though, and she found out where it was and did a short stalking on that. She also reads his text messages when he’s stupid enough to leave his phone alone with her and looks through his car. I hope I don’t snoop like my Mom.

Facebook is like a stalker’s paradise for her, she has the whole world at her fingers and can track people on a day-to-day basis. I’m sure there are more people than just my mom who use the online network to track people down. I know employers check it out for potential employees so I wouldn’t want to be paranoid and make a ‘public’ profile and a ‘private’ one and have to keep up with all of it.

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  1. Wow, she is really curious 😀


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