Scum and Bums

I went out to dinner with some of the girls last night and then drinking and dancing (mainly just me dancing, they weren’t drunk enough) and let me not forget to remind myself that not only am I working today, but I’m pretty much 100% booked. But the man was out, and not here, so I haven’t been able to spend my weekend with him the way I’ve wanted to. He told me to go have fun with the girls, be careful, and no jello shots.

I don’t know how people do it. How they go out there, drink, drink, drink, and then grind themselves on men. My vibe I have is maybe look at me, but don’t you dare start dancing next to me if you’re a guy and think it’s okay. I dance because I love it, not for men to start grinding their crotch into my leg. That’s a bad dog, stop humping it.

It doesn’t help that the three girls I go out with are so pretty, and so skinny, and I think I’m like the ugly friend brought along to heighten their attractiveness. Okay, I won’t be too mean on myself, but I’ve always been one to repel guys and the one thing going for me is my chest. My chest is banging, but I wouldn’t want those guys touching me any ways. Doing something like this either makes you feel more attractive for men hitting on you (not the case) or just gives you more appreciation for the man you have in your life. When I went on a recent trip I was excited by some guys noticing, this time I’d just run from the creepy guy with a camera whose taking pictures of… everyone. And the dipshit who bumps into me, hard, and I give him the evil eye and he goes, “WHOO!”

I’m feeling the latter one with appreciation of what you got. He sent me the hottest little sexts when I was out at dinner, it was too much fun. The girls suspected something but I didn’t tell them what was up. I’ve missed him this weekend and it hasn’t felt the same not to come home to him after work and have him be there. The thing is I am not a clubbing kind of girl, besides the dancing part, and I’ve never really needed to explore going wild, drinking like crazy, just to bring out who I really am. My mom has told me sometimes I should experience it, just to get it out of my system, but I don’t need to to realize that there’s bums and scums out there.

Or, drink until I’m so drunk I’m just spilling drinks and laughing. All the alcohol should be drank up, not tossed on the floor. I had one chocolate martini (so damn good) and one vodka and cranberry, both that I drank within 5 min. That’s how I drink, it’s gone before you know it, but I tend to not feel even though the girls took 2 hours to drink like 5 drinks, which would normally take me about… 30 min, probably. I thought that I’d be a lightweight whenever I’d start drinking now.

Well,  I know I can drink everyone and anyone under the table.

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  1. Mmmm… Drinking is sometimes so much fun!

    I have never tried jello shots. I guess you can´t get those here? I mostly drink beer if I´m in the bars.

    Guys grinding against you?!!! That sounds so weird! They really do that? Dancing is great. I can dance when I´m sober, too 🙂

    And I don´t believe you being an ugly friend of any kind!


    • Oh, don’t do the jello shots! You can take so many of them, since the shot is small, and you don’t taste the alchohol as much so you can get drunk without knowing it. I really like martinis and they’re super yummu.

      You haven’t seen guys do that? They basically hop on your leg or grind into your butt or something like that. Guys haven’t done that to me because I basically run away, but I’ve especially noticed on the dance floor that seems to be how people ‘dance’ nowadays. I find it much more fun dancing sober, dancing drunk you’re just basically throwing your arms around and falling over.

      Aww, well, you’re too nice. I’m the girl who doesn’t wear any make-up, doesn’t have on sexy shoes, so I think I’m the last for someone to be interested in… which I don’t mind, I wouldn’t want them hovering around me.

  2. Oh wow, those jello shots sound sneaky! Kind of like this Finnish specialty “Salmiakki Koskenkorva” which tastes like candy and you have some and then you´re puking and passing out soon after that 🙂

    Oh, guys don´t do that here! They admire you from far distance when you dance. Not many guys dare to dance here. Nordic guys are shy and introverted.

    Hey, why don´t you wear make-up and sweet shoes? It´s fun 🙂 I know you can be very beautiful without make-up and fancy clothes, but dressing up, putting make-up… It´s such a feminine ritual. Escapism, I would say…?



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