My purse is pregnant

Are you the type of person who scavenge stuff from past relationships? No? Well… don’t judge me then. With my past relationship I got a TON of stuff, from the mother, sister, of the guy I was dating. I have a beat up wallet which has seen better days and smells like cinnamon because my tiger balm escaped from its container and spilled all over my see-through work purse. Thus, I needed to eventually a) buy a new wallet or b) scavenge one.

I found an old wallet which I got from the past relationship which is really nice but super fat and heavy. The wallet is so fat that it makes my poor little skinny purse look like it has a baby bump. I don’t get the idea behind purses being so big that you could put a baby or a small dog in it, and like my purses to be pretty flat and fit snuggly right against my side. I also know from my job that having a 20 lb. purse and throwing it on your shoulder can cause some muscle problems too. And… I’m not putting any babies in my purse and all that goes in there is the wallet and that’s it.

Is it bad to have stuff from your previous relationship? I say no but I got some pretty great stuff… some of the necklaces I just couldn’t part from. I’m the type of person that if you gave me a card I’d keep it and not throw it out. But, I guess since I haven’t had too many relationships that I don’t have much saved from them except for the one ex. I don’t feel angry about the relationship I was in, and I know some people go on and on and on about their exes. Mine wasn’t perfect, and he wasn’t for me, but besides that he treated me well and kind of got me in this profession too. We’d get couples massages and I found out how much I loved massage, and I never would have gotten a massage by myself because I didn’t have any money and would never spend that much money on myself back then.

Well, I lied, I still don’t spend that much money on myself now. So, the relationship didn’t work out but for valid reasons and at first I was angry, and upset, sad, and pissed off, but now with it being two years afterwards I take it as it was. A relationship that wasn’t meant to be and I don’t regret.

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