One of my friends from work is having her birthday soon, so I’m super excited. The thing is, I know quite a bit about her and I know how to give her gifts so she gets a kick out of it… you don’t just put them in the bag and give them to her. Oh no. You do a different style of giving her the gifts, you let her find them.

Scavenger hunt style, she loves it. I found out how much she loved finding/hiding stuff when about a year ago she had to hide easter eggs for the girls and she was so happy with this task and hid them in the hardest to find places. Now, you may ask yourself this, what spa hides eggs for Easter and what do you put in those eggs? Well, I’m not telling you the spa, but we’d put little pieces of candy in it, a few dollars, and service vouchers. I couldn’t find any of the eggs last year because she hid them in such sneaky places, this year she didn’t hide the eggs so it was super easy to find.

I gave her a card not too long ago but hid it from her because she hadn’t come in to work yet. I put it on a clipboard and put a note inside of her room saying there was something to find. I was doing a massage at the time she came in for work but I could hear her searching all over the place for it. During the massage I smiled until I heard the cupboards stop moving and I knew she must have found out.

She did, she’s much better than me at it. I had to play the am I warm, am I hot, am I cold, am I freezing cold game when she hid stuff. And, eventually, it took so long for me to figure out they ended up finding the eggs for me just because we were going to have clients come in at any moment.  I can’t wait to hide her gifts away in her room and she has no clue what I’m gonna do for her birthday… and that’s the way I like it.

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  1. Sounds like fun 😀

    Great idea.



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