Friday the 13th: Friday from Hell

This Friday was about one of the worst Fridays… ever. Now, Saturday it’s common knowledge it is going to be freaking nuts, but Friday was quite a piece of work.

One of the girl’s was doing a facial when the facial machine exploded, flooding water and glass all over the floor. She, of course, doesn’t know quite what to say and then is like, “Um, well, excuse me but I need to get another machine…” she finishes the facial with her feet in water and has to clean up afterwards. It was a mess.

One of my other co-workers, who is a friend of mine, was going to the laundry mat since our washer is broken and knelt down to grab some towels to put in the machine and her nose starts gushing blood. Poor thing freaks out, like I probably would, because she doesn’t get nose bleeds and is in a strange place where no one speaks English and she doesn’t know where anything is. She told me when she was telling me this story the first person she thought of to call to come get her was me. Luckily, it stopped and she was okay.

I started out my day with 1 massage ending up with 4 massages and 3 chair massages = 6 hours  of massaging. My first guy I had was in so much pain I could tell he was hurting before I met him. He wanted a good amount of pressure + stretching so this put more of a strain on my wrists then I wanted. The worst strain was doing a stoke I knew wasn’t working for my hands but I did it anyways so I was feeling sore after that. Another client walks in for a massage, my lunch got moved down to like 4pm, and the chair massages kicked my ass too. I just can’t use my body weight as much as I want during a chair massage.

I’m exhausted, everyone and anyone is pissy that day, my last massage decided to extend it and get a 90 min. massage. I come home, the man asks me how my day went, and I growl at him while I slink away to lay on the bed and go into a mini-coma.

Today was better, and I got mini cupcakes dropped off by the man at my work and that was such a cute little surprise and I was so happy. We’ve been watching Cupcake Wars and I always say how much I want a cupcake afterwards, and he tells me to get one, and I ask him doesn’t he know how cheap I am? So, that made my day, as well as me coming home to him and he had dinner all set up. It was candlelit and he had pork chops and potatoes, and ice wine to finish it off. The weekend is over, I got tomorrow off and I couldn’t be happier to have a day off.

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  1. A man who brings you cupcakes? Sounds like a keeper.

    P.S. The movie is called “Winter’s Bone.”

    • Yup, sounds like a keeper to me too! I told all the girls at work so they’d get jealous and envy me. 😉

      And thanks for telling me the movie, now I’m going to Fandango it. It sounds very familiar, I think my mom wanted to see it. She told me a little about it and I knew I was too much of a wuss to watch it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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