Leave your issues at home

There are some people who do not know how a spa/relaxation area/retreat for 1-1 1/2 hours works. Here is a nice little list of pet peeves of mine, though I could come up with so many more. In the end, there aren’t too many things that actually bug me when I massage, the main one which kind of gets to me is twitching/adjusting yourself the entire time. I can feel when someone isn’t relaxing and I find it harder to relax myself, and if I relax during a massage it’s easier on my body to do it.

Please don’t twitch/adjust yourself for the whole hour

I don’t know what’s going on with you. I don’t know if it’s an inability for you to relax, you’re not happy with me, or just that you’re getting so congested that you can’t breathe and this is driving you nuts… I mainly just go back to it being me. I can feel when you aren’t relaxed. I can feel when you’re just there thinking about your day vs. you actually taking this time to let go, breathe, and really reboot yourself for the first time in 6 months, a year, ect.

Please, PLEASE do not bring your phone/planner into my room

It’s bad enough someone brings their cell phone/planner into my room, it’s even worse when I’m massaging them and they answer it. This is the time to relax, Joe, Jane, Shane, can wait to talk to you for an hour or an hour and a half. Don’t worry, the world will not self implode if you do not check out your facebook status or return that text message… I promise.

Don’t wear that hard to take off jewlery when you know you’re getting a massage

You know you’re getting a massage so why would you have that tinsy, tiny clasp necklace on that you know you can’t get off by yourself and I’m not going to stand there and not help you as you fumble and screw with it. FYI- after a massage is also even worse to try and put these things on, I’m surprised I can. Just leave it at home.

Please don’t moan the entire time

Nothing quite gets me moments from laughing out loud or just plain being creeped out than having a moaner. They just won’t stop the entire massage and one of my first massages on a guy was that he was a moaner. I was super creeped out and massaged him from a distance straining my back since I wanted to keep space between us and I prayed for it to be over with. If you keep it going the entire time nowadays I’ll probably just start laughing.

Looking at me is unnecessary and creepy during the massage

There is a reason why I have a little eye pillow to cover your eyes when you flip over face up. I cannot stand people watching me massage, and you hate to look at them as they look at you, because there’s that awkward moment of, “umm, well, maybe you should just close your eyes/look away.” I’ve had some people actually sit up on the table to watch me at their feet, so, I stop that with the little warmed eye pillow and breathe a sigh of relief that I won’t be watched.

Don’t kick the dog

 Finally, don’t do the “kick the dog” syndrome of attacking me for life’s problems. There is no reason for you to treat someone badly just because you’re having a bad day. Save your anger for a fluffy stuffed toy when you come home and beat the crap out of that, don’t verbally beat me just because I’m there.  That goes for outside of the spa/salon realm though, just try and be nice to people even if it is a super crappy day. Karma will smile upon you and so will the person helping you.

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  1. Hah, I feel such a good person right now, because I never do those things you listed here when I go get a massage 😀

    Why would anyone bring their phone AND answer to it?!!! Don´t they understand getting a massage is expensive luxury (at least here!)?

    Though, sometimes I do moan… But not the whole time… I just think it´s a kind of a feed-back moan, like: I love your work, you found the great spot, you´re a great massager 🙂


    • Well, that’s good you don’t do any of those things! 😉

      People do seriously bring in their phone AND answer it… while I’m still massaging them. It’s absolutely crazy, but it’s happened more than I’d like to acknowledge. I would think it’d be a luxury and you’d want to enjoy the time as much as possible, but some people just can’t disconnect themselves from the net.

      I don’t mind a little moan here and there, but the entire massage without a moment of silence just makes me giggle nowadays and I want to shake my head. I’ve had them do it the entire time and it is hilarious.


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