The Write Way

I don’t think that my muse likes it when I’m pretty content and when I’m in a relationship with someone. While I can write blog posts with ease, going back to my Novel, my short stories, and having lines and stanzas of poetry hit me randomly throughout the day has stopped. In a sense it’s kind of a relief, because I would get pretty frantic when something hit me and I didn’t have a piece of paper to write it down, and I’d keep repeating the thought, idea, or stanza over and over again until it could be written down.

My mind would be like a skipping record, just replaying that same song until I finally felt able to move on when I knew I wouldn’t forget about it.

I’ve been trying to force myself to think about my Novel that I’ve suddenly become very off and on. I go to my writer’s group and bring in a chapter for them to read and review, and the feedback they give me is so helpful that I come out thinking it’ll kick my butt back into gear, but laziness takes over me. Editing is my worst enemy, and this is certainly true because of the simple fact that I keep making the same mistakes in my writing and I keep overlooking them every time.

How do I write the right way? How do I force myself to get back into what I enjoy doing? The answer is that I can’t force myself to write if I’m not prepared to or inspired to. There was a long time about almost a year ago that I was writing, and completing, short story upon short story like crazy. Now, I’m stuck with a muse that seems to be jealous of me being with someone because it has pretty much left me since I started dating the man. I wrote a little here and there, but now I’m in a complete dry spell.

 Maybe, as a writer, I need writer’s blocks to remind myself how since it is when the monsoon hits and I just can’t stop typing furiously.

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