Wii Fit is my Frenemy

So, it probably goes without saying for many people who use the Wii Fit that there is a love/hate relationship with it. I just love to hate that little white stand. It just looks cute virtually as it dances, sleeps, and waves at you with its little white stub arm. It also has a cute voice, like that helps you feel better when it tells you that you’re overweight. But, with the knowledge of the Wii Fit and my BMI being automatically calculated with my weight, I have lost weight.  And, I want to keep it off too.

But, unfortunately, I’m afraid I’ve gained weight back. I’ve been eating more than I used to and what I’ve forced myself to get used to. Like I’ve said before, I’ve decided not to diet, yet I want to and I’ve kept my calorie intact around 1,000 calories a day. I’m dreading when I get back on the thing and my little Mii balloons out and the thing asks me why I gained weight.

Yes, it asks you why you gained weight. You have options of, “I don’t know / Ate too much / I had indigestion / I ate late, ect” that you can pick from the list. The last time I weighed myself I had to pick a reason why because I gained about 2 lbs, which really I wish I had the option of “Screw off Wii” as my answer to its question.

And, I suck at the games where it figures out your age. I’m generally around 48 years old when I first started out and I’m still like an old lady. So, not only does it tell me I’m overweight, it also says I’m much older than what I am. One of these days that damn thing is going out the window, because it is a moody little piece of technology.

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