Black Sheep Complex

I’m a black sheep, I have been a black sheep and I will always be one. The first time I tell someone I’m a black sheep they don’t believe it (which is not often, I keep my private life pretty private and co-workers/managers don’t know anything about my family life).

I’ve never really been a favorite, and have basically expected to be the low person on the totem pole. This has given me a very me vs. the world kind of attitude. I was always the least favorite out of all of my cousins even though I was the only girl and the youngest.

The situations I’ve been in ever sinve kindergarden has been like this. I was going to be held back in kindergarden because they thought I was slow and stupid. I didn’t talk much, and in grade school I was a complete loner. Luckily I didn’t get held back, but I would be pretty close to it. I wasn’t very competitive, though now I’ve found that I’m definitely more competitive than ever.

I hold myself to high standards. I’m my own worst critic. I push past the black sheep complex by holding myself higher than anyone else does.

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