I heard you’re having some paranormal activity…

A picture I took in Williamsburg, Virginia, when I was 13. It’s hard to see with this size but a weird, blueish, unnatural shape in the upper window. All the other windows are dark and it’s during the daytime, there’s no curtains either.

Okay, so, I’ve been having some weird stuff happen to me at work. And, I’m just trying to explain it logically because that’s the way I explain things. I don’t have too many weird things happen to me. There’s been something odd happening for almost three days straight, so when I walked into my room I was just thinking that hopefully it was over. I’ve had rocks fall into the wall, the cabinet door open and close for no reason, and other stuff. Today I walked into my room after helping the girls put stuff away and my room light was turned off.

There is no one that goes in my room. You don’t turn off the lights unless you’re shutting down for the night, and I was having a client come in and so I went into investigation mode. I asked a couple of people who I thought may have done it if they did. They gave me a weird look with the answer no. Then, why? I’d just give a nervous smile and say “no reason.”

No one turned it off, and the switch was off, I didn’t turn it off, so it made me a tad bit annoyed. Add that to the other annoying stuff and I was pretty peeved off about these weird occurences. I’m hoping to explain a lot of it, but some of it is hard to explain.

So, fast forward to me visiting my brother. I tell him about my frustrations about work and he automatically states “weird” which is followed by “poltergeist.” He then says over and over again that I should spread salt around my room to get rid of the ghost or something like that. I tell my Mom and him that I’m not crazy, it’s just a little odd. We head over to Barnes and Noble afterwards and immediately my Mom’s on a mission.

“Where’s the ghost hunting section?”  Really, my mom asked this, and marched right over to the information desk.

“The paranormal section? I’ll show you.”- nice Barnes and noble lady

Thus, begins their search through Chakras, Ghost hunting books, and how to make a psychic circle. I just laugh and watch as they wade through the books. Some guy sitting over reading something actually approached me to ask what was the paranormal problem.

“I’m just sick of it messing with me.”

“Are you a wicca or have you been doing witchcraft?” – weird guy

“No way.”

“Where does this happen? At home?”

“At my work.”

He asks me if I’m religious, and if I’ve been praying. To which I respond, “I pray for it to get the hell out of my room.” The guy ends up offering to give me his facebook account so I can account him if Casper decides to bother me again and him and his buddies will do an investigation. I said oh hell no, that’s not happening, the owners hate us talking about ghosts and would murder me on spot for doing something like that. Plus, I watch ghost shows, I am not dealing with someone walking around saying, “Is there anyone there?”

He was an odd ball, and my brother and my Mom were there the entire time of this. Guy walks off, apologizes for interrupting, and me and the family have a chuckle over the whole thing. I’m hoping with a few days off work things will cool down and be nice and normal and it’s just something that I need to explain logically and move on.

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