Sell my Soul for the right price

It was like a picture out of my beginning massages as a student, I actually was taken aback to that. The client saw I was anxious, I haven’t heard that in forever. Truth be told, I was, I wasn’t grounded, my lunch had been bumped and I was eating it standing up, sitting down, falling over, ect. I ate a little in 5 minutes, came back, my client was ready and he’s a regular of mine so I told him it’d take just a little bit of time to prep. He was, of course, fine with that since he’s a really laid back person.

This guy client of mine I’ve had him as a client for about a year now. He comes in every month to get a massage, so I see him pretty consistently. The first time I massaged him I had no clue if he liked it, hated it, it was impossible to read him so when he said it was one of the best massages in the middle of it I was relieved because I couldn’t read him… and generally I can read about anyone. For months he was pretty quiet, and still hard to read, but little by little he opened up and so it shouldn’t surprise me he could read that I was stressed. I calmed down during the massage, it was just I wasn’t as grounded as I’d like to be and any other client who didn’t know me probably wouldn’t have picked up on it.

I sometimes think about ‘selling my soul’, in other words, going full-time. Just one more day and I’d be full-time, but then they’d completely have me and wouldn’t be able to get back to my part-time status after I made the plunge. It’s easy to pick-up, not so easy to back off. I was counting up my hours, adding up what tips might be, I looked over at my Mom and said, “I want more money.” Of course I want more money, who doesn’t? What do I want to risk with making more money? I just don’t think it’s the right price to give myself completely over.

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  1. You definitely shouldn’t give yourself up completely. If anything, start free lancing on the day the would make you full time, keep it on the down low.

    • I think that’s a great idea! I know eventually I’d like to free lance and I know that’s where the real money is. Where you can charge $65-85, ect. and not have to share it with anyone and it’s all yours. I definitely think I eventually have to try that out and keep it on the down low. Thanks for commenting and stopping by!

      • No problem. It’s one of those skills you’ll always have. Even if after you leave your current job into doing something different, you could always do massages on the side.

      • Very true! Massage is one of those careers where you don’t need much to start it or do it. All you need is a pair of hands, a table, and some sheets and you’re basically all ready to go! And, you’ll always have the skills with you, and learn new ones with contin. ed too.

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