What’s your secret?

Recently I’ve lost 15 pounds, and people at work have slowly but surely begun to notice. A workplace full of women we are constantly starving ourselves to lose weight. We have ‘biggest loser’ competitions which I stay the hell away from because I am not starving myself on turkey dogs and rice while everyone else cooks food that gets you salivating. There are all sorts of fad diets which girls try, give up, try a different one, they do a rice and bean diet, protein, ect. So, when one of my managers noticed my weight loss and commented about it, quickly following with, “what’s your secret?” I just smiled.

I’m doing a non-diet. I don’t diet, I don’t believe in dieting, ever in my life. If people do, that’s great, if it works for you, awesome, from what the girls do at work and they try the diet it works short-term and then long-term they go back to their normal habits and gain it back. I’ve always had weight issues, mainly because of my family and how many times they called me fat, thunder thighs, that I should run around my block, my Mom has told me multiple times, “if you just lose 30 pounds you’d be perfect.”

Hmmm, huh, really? I lost 30+ pounds, I was miserable. You know why I lost that weight? I’ll let you know, I was so depressed and in such a deep depression that every time I woke up in the morning I wish I hadn’t. For the first time in my life I was a size 9-10, but I was so incredibly unhappy that I could care less about it. I didn’t feel like eating, I didn’t eat much for a long time. This lasted for a while, and when I got out of my depression, and I was happy, and eating, I gained back all of my weight back.

I’m a tall girl,  5’9″, so my weight tends to distribute pretty nicely and I don’t look my weight. The last time I went to the doctor for my yearly exam I was weighed and I hadn’t weighed myself probably since the last yearly exam. I saw my weight and exclaimed, “I’m a fat piggy, piggy!” My sweet doctor informed me I wasn’t, I carried my weight well, but I kept saying that over and over again. I didn’t feel comfortable being that weight, though I’m sure I’ve weighed that much before and probably more, but since I never stepped foot on the scale (for good reason) I don’t know.

Then, I discovered the Wii Fit, weighed myself daily on that almost, and got told, “You’re overweight!” in a cutesy voice by the Wii Fit every time. My skinny Mii ballooned out and it kept informing me a healthy weight would be 145 lbs. It screws with my head every time I get on that thing, even the smallest .5 of a pound it informs you that you gained weight, but that’s hardly anything.

So, I lost weight by not dieting. I’ve kept it off for months and months now, and I’m still eating, happy, and not starving myself to death. I will always have body issues, but I’m happy with what I lost and that I’ve kept it off. So, my secret is that I watch what I eat, I don’t snack late, I don’t eat as many sweets, and I check the calories of what I’m going to eat. I crave chips like you wouldn’t believe, french fries, and fast food. But, whenever I cave and eat fast food I do regret it.

So, I tell them what the secret is. It’s a non-diet, I still eat the way I want to eat, I’m just careful, and I certainly don’t starve myself. Because I don’t diet, and diets don’t work for me, I need to make a life style change and I did. Not a severe one at all, but enough to keep the weight off and not starve myself while doing that.

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