One of those Days

This was one of those days where you wake up, get to work, and you’re just flustered. My thing was that I didn’t give myself enough prep time for a body treatment and that became an issue when the scheduling conflicted and a few other things too. I didn’t mind getting the body treatment because I got to be in my room and massage all the time instead of laundry or other mundane tasks. I ended getting a 90 min. massage from one of the other massage therapists, which was nice because every time I get a massage from her she’s trying something new. I love it, there’s her general style she keeps, but she tries her elbows in unison, or other stuff that feels interesting and just plain good. I think she might be moving soon to be closer to her boyfriend who lives in Florida… which I’d hate to see her leave, because she does a great job, and I like her, but in the end I want her to be happy.

Talking about boyfriends, the poor man has been a mess. He got a fever on Saturday and was getting severe chills. I was worried about him so I took his temperature, which was around in the higher 101 degrees. He went to sleep early and it calmed down a little when I took it around 9pm, and I was thinking about going to sleep too. I’d worked earlier, it was a Sat., I was tired, but I stayed up and heard him moving around.

So, I took his temperature and it was 102.8, nearly 103 degrees, and I knew that was on the dangerous end of the spectrum. I talked to my Mom and she agreed I should take him to the hospital. We got to the hospital at 1am and ended up leaving at 5:30am. Turns out he had a UTI, which I thought he might of had because he had no signs of the flu, had some other symptoms too, and I just had a feeling it was and it turned out I was right.

My one of those days turned out fine in the end, I saw Inception with my brother and Mom, which was awesome, played at IKEA, and ate at Big Bowl. And I haven’t had any issue with scheduling and not knowing what was going on for a while so I was more than overdue for that to happen. You just gotta shake it off, move on, and pick up the scraps of good things to remind you it’s not that bad and look on the bright side.

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