Drinking like a Fish

There’s a reason why I tend to not drink too much until when I go out and I decide I’m going to drink… I drink the expensive stuff. Martinis are to die for, mixed drinks are awesome, anything with alcohol gets me going EXCEPT:

Beer. I hate beer. I hate the smell of beer, the feel of it in my mouth, the color of it, the scent of someone’s breath after they’ve been drinking it. I know I should convert, give up my fancy living with my martinis rimmed with sugar and chocolate, go for the cheap life of $2 beers like my Mom does, but I just can’t. I’ll drink any alcohol she leaves over since she generally doesn’t drink it all, even wine now, but beer is something I cannot stand. I found out even I’ll do shots, though the red ones taste like cough syrup, I’ll down it quickly.

I had 5 Mai Thais and 2 shots. I tend to drink and drink fast, something just handed to me has a life span of 3-4 minutes before it’s completely gone. I always thought I’d be a lightweight, unable to keep it down, think straight, or talk, but I found out I’m much like my brother when I go out drinking.

It’s almost in my genetics to be able to hold it down and not get drunk. I’ve never gotten sick from drinking, though my brother has, I stay behind that fine line of pleasantly buzzed and supremely trashed. I don’t do anything stupid, don’t get sick, mainly I’m just hilarious and slurring my words doesn’t seem to be a problem. When I was in Vegas recently I had a shot, 3 Mai Thais, and this huge drink I bought at an auction with some nasty tasting liquor in it. After drinking all of that I got back to the room and it was spinning, but that one drink I had it all to myself and drank it down within… 10 minutes or so. Oh, and we had to walk from the Mirage to the Venetian, and my Mom felt like Hotel hopping so we walked a few miles at least until I got to go home and rest.

I looked like all the rest of the people out on the Vegas Strip. Big ass drink in hand sipping it while I maintain my walking pace at the same time.

Trivia night was too much fun, Mom and I went together and we met with a friend of hers from work. My Mom didn’t drink anything and drove me back, thank god, because the drive back home was really long and we ended getting something from White Castle since we didn’t have anything to eat since the dunch. (dinner/lunch) I don’t like drinking too often because it’s A) expensive B) is a lot of empty calories C) ummm… I hate spending money.

But, alcohol + me = good times.

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