I’ve learned something

I’ve learned something… when you’re at work people don’t want to hear about your issues. I’ve lived by this since I got my first real job, there wasn’t anyone who knew what was going on in my personal life. Sometimes I wish people knew even less about my personal life at work, because after two years of working there I’ve opened up a little more.

There are a few people at work I’d call my friends. These girls are the ones that when I get to be alone with them, which is rare in the spa environment, I share a small tidbit of my life with them. I’m honest with them, but besides that, I tend to suck it up and deal.

It’s nice to be back at work, which I think I’m about the only crazy person who would think that. The lower back has been on/off, but overall I’m happy not to be at home doing nothing and back to making money.

I’m going to Trivia night tonight, which should be interesting, because I don’t even know what Trivia night is. Me and my Mom are doing it so if anything we can give each other the eyes of, “what the hell is going on?” My Mom gets incredibly competitive and knows a lot of useless information so it should work out fine and I’ll just let her answer.

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