You have a tattoo where?

I found something out about one of my co-worker friends which fits her just perfectly. She has a tattoo in a hilarious spot. She hates the tattoo and is afraid to get another one, but I think it’s very her. What is it and where is it?

Two hearts, tiny ones, interlapping each other and it’s on her butt. Which, as she told me, I just start cracking up that she actually would tell me that. Then I thought about it and it’s so her, she’s a hopeless romantic. She’s one of those girls who always wants the couple to work it out in the end and loves the chick flicks. I’m sure she’s like every other girl (except for me) who thinks Edward from Twilight is her perfect man.

She didn’t like me calling her a hopeless romantic, she got out of a relationship where she broke up with the guy and went back into it again. My friend says she hates guys, but I think it’s nice to have that sweet outlook on relationships. I just never want her, or any one else I care about, to get hurt. But, they know what’s best, and if I tell them I don’t approve, they’ll probably stop talking to me about it. I know I would stop talking to someone if they didn’t agree with me and just go to another friend who seemed more understanding. But, I tell the girls at work once you break up with that guy delete his phone number! No good will ever come of keeping his contact information, and I don’t know of any who can just be friends and not have any other emotions get missed up with it.

But, you ever noticed that with advice? You tell someone something, and you nag them, and nag them, to follow your advice, and then it’s almost a ‘do as I say not as I do’ moment when you don’t do it yourself? Well, I generally break my rule in the beginning of a break-up but in the end I stop contact, cut my losses, deal with it and move on.

A relationship always seems to hit the ice water after 6 months. You steam, and fizzle, until finally you get to normal temperature, you get used to each other, and take advantage of each other’s company. I haven’t had too many relationships, I generally keep to myself with things and was rather nervous around guys for most of my life. I got into the dating game late in life, which I don’t mind because it is crazy out there. I hear it from the women that I come across with working in the spa, since lots of times it’s either a) the job that is causing them stress or b) home/family/relationship.

 Which, I’ve found out is pretty true with me too. Anyways, it made my day to find out that little tidbit about my co-worker.

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