I thought the sexy title might attract, as the saying goes, sex sells, right? It was a funny situation when I was talking with someone at work about dirty texting the person you’re interested in, though the other form through the phone she knew about. I replied, “oh, yeah, sexting, I know about that.” She looked at me, smiled, and said that it was really fun. I guess it could spice up a relationship, but I’d rather not send pictures of myself via a text message. It’s hard enough for me to text someone, I need to erase it, start again, make another letter, it’s a bit of process. I had to learn a lot of different ways of doing sexy things with my last relationship because it was a long distance one. When you only see the person you’re with once a month you come up with some creative ways on phone, ect. to deal with not seeing each other for a awhile.

With my ex we ended up sending sort of ‘care packages’ to each other. I spent a lot of money on shipping and the post office saw me as a regular. There’d be cards, little notes, ect. we’d send each other. Occasionally dirty stuff through there too, like I said, you got creative.

The funniest thing that got sent through the mail was one of those talking cards. Now, this may not sound very hilarious but it was a box and the singing card had malfunctioned. There was this garbled, crazed sound coming from the box which was super annoying and sounded like a drunk leprechaun got thrown in there and was looking to escape. I called up the ex and said I needed to open up the box … now, and I wouldn’t wait. It was for my birthday but I had to get rid of whatever the noise was, and it kept getting worse without me touching it. I ended up tossing the card out, though I didn’t tell him that I threw it out, I think he could guess I did.

There are no care packages now, and I don’t have to fly any more to see that special someone. I don’t think I’ll delve into sexting, but more power to my work friend who is getting that goofy grin doing it.

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