Sorry I’m late… *insert excuse here*

Not many clients apologize if they’re late for a massage… you may gasp at this, or shake your head, but I just plain assume my client won’t say anything about them being late. When they do it surprises me, and I appreciate it in a way. I tell them not to worry about it if they do apologize, and the honest truth is that it stays in the back of my mind when I’m working. How late were they? 15-30 min., the in-take interview took this long, I need to end it by this time, but wait, I have a client sheduled right after. How am I going to be able to flip over this room in time to take the next one and what if they come early?

It doesn’t fail to make me anxious each and every time I’m still in the room with a client and hear my next one come in early. Because my ears pick up even the faintest sounds of the basket being moved, another voice joining one of the front desk girls voices, and then it takes a lot to not sweat and internally panic. Your mind is always ticking to the next situation, to the next moment, it’s near impossible to stay in the moment you’re in right now.

I used to freak out to the 10th degree with late clients. It would be the same when I was a dog groomer, and the clients were dogs instead of people. I would have about 7 dogs to do on a Saturday most times as a bather/brusher. I was the most efficient bather/brusher they had, but if you got the dog in late it’d just mess up my whole day. I have to take a different mental point of view now, because going to that thought of “messes up my whole day” just puts me in a tail spin of baddayitis.

So, instead, I tell myself I can catch up. I try not to classify a day as bad unless it was really, truly, in every sense of the word was awful. I remind myself that this client was good, that I caught up a little bit in this part, and overall survived to massage another day. Staying positive is about one of the hardest things to do with my job. In the end, lots of times I affect people positively just by providing them with touch so I can give myself a pat on my back for that.

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